Welcome to my website. I give online speech therapy to children, adolescents and adults with problems in the areas of voice, speech, language and pragmatics. I also treat children with autism and a language development disorder All you need is a good internet connection and webcam and then we can get started! The advantage of online speech therapy is that you determine the frequency yourself. This way you will reach your goal (s) faster than if you have speech therapy once a week. In addition, you do not waste time traveling and you can work from a familiar environment. It is possible to see each other at one of the locations if you wish. 

Below you can read what problems in the field of voice, speech, language and pragmatics exactly entail.

Problems with the voice 

You need your voice to communicate. A hoarse voice, for example, can create confusion for the listener. In addition, your voice is the mirror of your personality and emotions. Voice problems can affect your confidence.

Problems with language
   You communicate information to others with language. Inadequate command of the language therefore limits the communication possibilities.

Problems with speech  

By mispronouncing a letter, a word takes on a different meaning. As a result, you are not understood by others.

Problems with pragmatics

Persons with problems in pragmatics can't apply their language correctly to the situation or their interlocutor. This can lead to much confusion.

I perform online speech therapy sessions through the platform TinyEYE. This platform is child friendly! Overall, this system has produced very good results. This has been confirmed by other speech therapists and clients. We practice using digital games that the client can repeat at home as often as he or she wishes. You can login to the website with your own login data. After logging in to the platform you can start working with me immediately. 

TinyEYE speech therapy is fully reimbursed for children and is included in the basic package of Dutch health insurers. Adults often also receive reimbursement from the health insurance


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